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Mona Living Skincare

It’s time to give your face the care and attention it deserves with our wide range of Mona Living skincare products. Our entire collection is made up of luxury products designed with only the most authentic, natural ingredients, to clean and nourish your skin, leaving it looking stunningly fresh and feeling beautifully revitalised.

At Mona Living, we pride ourselves as one of the only truly organic skincare brands. It’s why all of our products are completely organic and 100%, unconditionally, vegan-friendly. We make absolutely certain that nothing in our design process, from the growing of our seeds right the way through to our manufacturing phase, causes any harm to animals whatsoever. It’s our commitment to keeping our products completely natural, that makes them of the highest quality. We believe in liberating the planet as well as your skin.

The Mona Living skincare range is a luxury collection of organic formulas provided at an affordable price. Browsing our collection you’ll see we only offer the quality of products used at your favourite spas and sold at the most luxurious retail outlets. Our aim is to give you everything you need to deliver a professional skincare experience at home. We stock a rich range of flavours from bergamot, to tea tree, to lavender, whilst also offering a number of selections with fragrance-free options. We’re always looking to find new formulas and flavours as well, so be on the lookout for our newest releases.

What does Mona Living provide — why use us?:

The Mona Living skincare range provides you with everything you need to keep your skin looking and feeling its best. Our handpicked selection of vegan-friendly formulas work in a combination of different ways to deliver the best spa treatments in your own home.

The ultimate pampering experience begins with proper preparation, and where better to start than with our floral collection of naturally hydrating facial toners. They’re all tenderly made with our organic plant range, so treat yourself with the Mona Living jasmine, rose or tea tree essences.

Enhance your skin every day with our daily defence moisturisers. Our organic Co-Enzyme Q10 formula nourishes every type of skin and is available enriched with neroli and rose. Its organic nature means it doesn’t contain any of the irritable ingredients you find in most high street brands and makes it suitable for dryer, slightly more sensitive faces too. Compliment this with our Ultra Hydrating Jasmine and Chamomile Night Cream for total twenty four hour hydration.

Properly exfoliate using our Bamboo and Mandarin Facial Scrub for visibly younger skin. It’s time to say goodbye to those dead skin cells and pesky toxins and say hello to that natural looking glow that your skin has been waiting to show off. Don’t forget most of our products come in a fragrance-free formula as well, such as our Fragrance Free Facial Scrub.

The Mona Living trio of facial oils soothes and smooths every skin type. Our anti-ageing formula works by balancing the oil levels in your skin, ensuring your face is getting just the right amount of nourishment. We designed the special Oily Facial Oil for those who struggle with oil build up. This may sound counterintuitive, but using our unique organic oil-based product will help your skin to naturally dissolve troublesome sebum without destroying any of your natural oils. Actively reducing the amount of shine on your face.
Combine your facial oil with the Mona Living Brightening Radiance Facial Serum, to target your most specific skincare problems, such as lines and wrinkles, and deliver the ultimate nourishing session. Our serum is an organic combination of grapefruit and orange and will leave your skin looking and feeling naturally radiant.

Complete your pampering experience with our blissful Acai and Goji Berry Face Mask. Sit back and relax in the comfort of your home with our organic firming mask, it’s designed to help keep your skin in check by balancing out dry, oily and dehydrated skin.

Mona Living — an organic and vegan-friendly skincare provider:

By choosing skincare products that are vegan-friendly, products that are always free from animal ingredients and never tested on animals, your conscience will be left feeling as sparkly clean as your skin. Facial creams, serums and oils made from natural, organic ingredients like ours are typically gentler on your skin. If you have sensitive skin or are prone to allergies then you will definitely notice the difference! We believe your skin is important. But so are animals, that’s why we’re committed to designing products of the highest quality and of the highest ethical standards.

It might seem strange to think that animal-derived ingredients would even be used in skincare products. But check the back of some of your cosmetic staples and you might find things like Lanolin and Glycerin lurking in the contents. They repeatedly turn up in moisturisers and creams, and they’re often animal by-products. At Mona Living, we don’t think this is just strange. We think it’s wrong. That’s why you’ll never find any animal products in our ingredients. Take a look at our collection and you’ll see that we’re using an eclectic range of sources to make up our unique formulas, but you can be sure that when it comes to Mona Living they are all certified vegan.
At Mona Living, we do skincare the right way. Our handpicked range of products are designed and manufactured to the highest standards. All Organic, all of the time. We don’t overwhelm you with pages of products, instead, we offer a thoughtful and caring collection of skincare necessities, designed solely to keep your skin looking and feeling its best. So get started now and start treating your skin with the care and attention you know it deserves. If you’ve got any questions whilst browsing our collection then don’t hesitate to contact us!