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Hand butters

Hand butters are the perfect addition to your hand care routine. They’re extremely replenishing and boost moisture and skin elasticity. The thick formula allows better absorption than your average creams, and your skin will look fresh and youthful in no time. Each of Mona Living's hand butters has a combination of cocoa, shea, and other amazing ingredients. Take your pick from our range to find the best butter for your skin type, and to combat any specific skin issues you may have, like dryness or ageing.

Cocoa butter, for example, prevents dryness, peeling and offers an excellent moisture boost that is perfect for a hand butter. It’s rich with natural compounds that help slow ageing by protecting and smoothing the skin.

Alternatively, shea butter is extremely nourishing and helps protect the skin's natural oils. This butter is packed full of vitamins which assist with combatting dry skin and ageing.

Plus, each of Mona Living's hand butters has a special ingredient which helps improve your skincare routine. From mango, which is an amazing source of vitamin A to prevent premature ageing, to rose geranium, which helps to detoxify and regenerate skin.

When using hand butters, take generous amounts and massage in gently for the best results. Allow the oils to absorb completely to achieve a nourished glow.

Hand Butter