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Hand & foot care

Hands and feet deserve the best.

Every single day, our hands and feet are working to take care of the rest of our body. So, every so often, it's important to give them a little TLC. Here at Mona Living, we believe that a little goes a long way, and our organic and cruelty-free hand and feet care products ensure your hands and feet are as moisturised and loved as the rest of your body.

You more than likely have your daily skincare routine down, and habitually stick to it to keep yourself looking your best. But hands and feet are often forgotten about, despite being just as important. Keeping your hands and feet moisturised is vital to ensure the skin looks and feels healthy, especially when you consider how many irritants they come into contact with.

A good routine also helps with anti-ageing, allowing you to avoid having hands and feet that look much older than the rest of your body. Hands and feet have been proven to age much faster than other areas of the body such as your face and neck. This is because there is limited fat on them and few oil glands. So, Mona Living has your back with this range of moisturising hand washes, hand butters and foot creams to ensure your hands and feet get all the care they deserve.

Taking care of your hands

Your hands come into contact with so many things throughout the day. Most of which contain dirt, bacteria and dust, which can irritate your skin, often leading to roughness and dryness. So, the first step to caring for your hands is to keep them clean. Mona Living has lavender and lemongrass enthused hand washes which have different properties to help look after your skin, providing hydration and cleanliness.

After cleaning your hands, you should always replenish the skin and lock in any natural moisture, as washing can often strip away some of the essential oils needed for hydration. Choosing the right hand butter is simple with Mona Living, as there’s a good selection of hand butters which not only moisturise but add a protective layer. You can choose from lavender & bergamot, mango, orange & jasmine, and rose.

Hand washes

Hand hygiene is the first step to any hand care routine. However, some hand washes strip the natural oils from your hands, leaving your skin feeling dry and irritated. But Mona Living uses organic ingredients which are all natural, vegan, and packed full of goodness to keep your skin moisturised. Lavender can help treat irritation and skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis, while lemongrass, which is antibacterial, helps to heal bites, wounds, and cuts.

To ensure our hand washes are working for your skin, select one which fits your skin type the best. Then, whenever you need to wash your hands, use luke-warm water that is not too hot or cold as this can damage your skin. Lather up well, and ensure you rinse it off completely. After drying, make sure you use a moisturiser or hand butter to lock moisture into the skin.

Hand butters

Hand butters are the perfect addition to your hand care routine. They’re extremely replenishing and boost moisture and skin elasticity. The thick formula allows better absorption than your average creams, and your skin will look fresh and youthful in no time. Each of Mona Living's hand butters has a combination of cocoa, shea, and other amazing ingredients. Take your pick from our range to find the best butter for your skin type, and to combat any specific skin issues you may have, like dryness or ageing.

Cocoa butter, for example, prevents dryness, peeling and offers an excellent moisture boost that is perfect for a hand butter. It’s rich with natural compounds that help slow ageing by protecting and smoothing the skin.

Alternatively, shea butter is extremely nourishing and helps protect the skin's natural oils. This butter is packed full of vitamins which assist with combatting dry skin and ageing.

Plus, each of Mona Living's hand butters has a special ingredient which helps improve your skincare routine. From mango, which is an amazing source of vitamin A to prevent premature ageing, to rose geranium, which helps to detoxify and regenerate skin.

When using hand butters, take generous amounts and massage in gently for the best results. Allow the oils to absorb completely to achieve a nourished glow.

Taking care of your feet

You’re up and on your feet every single day, which leads to rough, dry, and sometimes callous skin. A part of your body you rarely see or look at, feet are often overlooked when it comes to skincare. But with one simple addition to your routine, you can keep your feet and toes in a soft and nourished condition. Mona Living's Lemongrass & Mint Organic Foot Cream helps reduce callous skin and keep nails and cuticles hydrated and healthy. To use, slather generously across your feet and massage until absorbed.

Foot creams

Foot creams are the best way to ensure your feet are moisturised and nourished. They also help to ensure your cuticles and nails are healthy. Mona Living’s Foot Cream contains shea butter, which has natural vitamins and essential fatty acids - these work to moisturise and protect the skin's natural oils.

When using foot cream, it’s best to use it immediately after showering and cleaning the skin. Once you’ve dried your skin, massage a generous amount of foot cream into your feet. Make sure you pay attention to the heels and nails, which often become dry. To increase the effects of the foot cream, put socks on over the product (don't massage it in) to create an overnight ‘mask’. This will make your skin softer and smoother.