Summer Skincare vs. Winter Skincare

Summer Skincare vs. Winter Skincare

6th Sep 2019

Similar to how we change our wardrobe when switching from summer to winter wear, we need to adjust how we take care of our skin during different climates.

During the summer, our skin produces more lipids, which results in our skin looking more oilier. This thicker lipid layer on top of our skin acts as a natural sun protector. However, we should not solely rely on this lipid layer alone. It is best to use a light moisturiser with an SPF to complement the skin’s natural oils to gives us that added protection.

As for winter, when you factor in central heating and air conditioning, your skin will go through a warm climate to a cold climate, and vice versa, on a daily basis. Exposing your skin to different degrees of climates in a short amount of time causes it to become irritated, sensitive and dry. To take care of your skin during the cold winter months, you should drink plenty of water and cut back on coffee and alcohol, which dehydrates the skin.

Additionally, during the winter, you should use a richer and heavier cream, and switch from a foamy cleanser to a more creamy, emollient, and oil-based cleanser. And even though you’re not exposed to much sunlight during the winter, it is still important to apply an SPF every day.

Adapt and Adjust Your Skincare Routine

Your skincare routine should coincide with the current climate. And to ensure your skin is healthy and radiant all year round, have the necessary products in place. If you are unsure about which products you should use, please speak to a qualified dermatologist.

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