​Is Shaving Damaging My Skin?

​Is Shaving Damaging My Skin?

24th Jul 2019

One of the most common questions that we get asked is knowing whether shaving damages the skin. We won’t say that it damages the skins as we associate the word ‘damage’ with the prolonged exposure to the sun, since that can damage our DNA.

With shaving, depending on the type of shaving gel or cream you use and how often you change your blades, it can lead to skin irritation and, subsequently, pigmentation. A lot of conventional shaving gels and creams contain numerous chemicals. And if your skin is quite sensitive, this will lead to irritation.

When the blades get older and lose its sharpness, rather than slicing through the hair, it begins to pull (or drag) the hair, leading to discomfort and irritation. Additionally, older blades eventually become a breeding ground for bacteria, putting you at risk of infection.

How to Minimise Skin Irritation When Shaving

We advise that you check with the manufacturer of your blades on how often you should replace the blades. In addition, we also advise that you use a high-quality alcohol-free shaving gel and apply the appropriate post-shave skincare routine to help soothe the skin to prevent further irritation.

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