• What is Retinol?

    13th Sep 2019

    What is Retinol?

    Retinol is widely considered to be the “gold-standard” ingredient in the skincare industry. As a clear favourite, it is the only ingredient that has been scientifically proven to reverse ageing by rep…

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  • Summer Skincare vs. Winter Skincare

    6th Sep 2019

    Summer Skincare vs. Winter Skincare

    Similar to how we change our wardrobe when switching from summer to winter wear, we need to adjust how we take care of our skin during different climates. During the summer, our skin produces mor…

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  • What is Pigmentation?

    28th Aug 2019

    What is Pigmentation?

    Essentially, pigmentation relates to the colour of your skin and it is also seen as a natural protective system. Your skin’s colour is derived from a pigment called melanin, which is naturally produce…

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  • Why Do We Get Acne?

    15th Aug 2019

    Why Do We Get Acne?

    To understand why we get acne, we need to look at how our skin functions. Our skin is made up of tiny hair follicles that each has a sebaceous gland. These glands secrete sebum, a natural oil which he…

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  • Do Hormones Influence the Skin?

    8th Aug 2019

    Do Hormones Influence the Skin?

    Hormones, especially testosterone and oestrogen, certainly have an influence on our skin on how much sebum (oil) it secretes from the sebaceous glands from within the hair follicle. Both men and women…

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  • ​Is Shaving Damaging My Skin?

    24th Jul 2019

    ​Is Shaving Damaging My Skin?

    One of the most common questions that we get asked is knowing whether shaving damages the skin. We won’t say that it damages the skins as we associate the word ‘damage’ with the prolonged exposure to…

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  • How to Deal with Dry Skin?

    24th Jul 2019

    How to Deal with Dry Skin?

    When it comes to treating dry skin, you need to look into what is the main cause of dry skin. If it is hereditary, then you need to commit to a skincare routine that manages the dry skin, since it is…

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  • What is Collagen?

    24th Jul 2019

    What is Collagen?

    You can think of collagen as the protective cushion layer for your skin. Collagen is a strong and flexible protein that gives your skin its strength and elasticity. It is one of the most important s…

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  • What are Blackheads?

    23rd Jul 2019

    What are Blackheads?

    Blackheads are usually the first signs of acne, and if left untreated, it can develop into full-blown acne, which can lead to scarring, oily skin and pimples. They appear as small dark or black col…

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