About Us

About Us

Feed Your Skin

Cruelty-free & vegan friendly skincare made in the UK using clean & effective organic ingredients

RU CEO & Founder of Mona Living

RU CEO & Founder

Unbeknown to me my skincare journey started from a young age, my mother taught me to moisturise, drink plenty of water, use turmeric to brighten my skin and always use olive oil after every bath and shower. She was an advocate for having good skin, first skin then makeup.

My love of skin care has evolved over the years, with a bathroom cabinet full of skin care products from high end luxury to clinically tested products. I still wanted to create a product that was kinder to the skin using all natural ingredients and going back to the simplicity of childhood.

Mona Living Trust The Process

Trust The Process

Mona has been created to give you a real, easy non-complicated beauty routine. Mona was formulated to bring effective skin care using natural ingredients, leaving the skin looking and feeling hydrated and bright, skin before makeup.

We not only want to talk about skincare but skin health and what you put in your body as well as what you apply to your body. Our youtube channel is a fun way to experiment with natural remedies and we have a lot of fun trying it, you can't be too serious in beauty. It's about having fun on your skincare journey.

Mona Living Sourcing Goodness

Sourcing Goodness

Our ingredients are sustainably sourced bringing you products that have been formulated to be kinder and beneficial to your skin. rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, which helps to nourish, repair and hydrate your skin in the long term.

Skin health is uncompromising beauty.

Cruelty Free Brand

No product or ingredient has ever been tested on animals nor will it ever be tested on animals. That is why we are 100% cruelty free 100% vegan

Mona Living Cruelty Free Brand